Appreciation for #400!

Today I have appreciation and celebrate my 400th blog post! It’s been an exercise in love, dedication, and persistence. I have no idea how many of you watch them, but I believe that the positive intention I have when I create them ripples through the universe in some way. Affecting even one person, who then impacts another, and so on, keeps that intention spreading.

This milestone has allowed me to realize how much I appreciate all of the wonderful things in my life. My family, friends, and pups (who are all my family, too), my clients and career, launching my new novel, and the list goes on. And most of all, I’m taking the time today to remind myself to notice the joy that comes from appreciating things that are in our life that we don’t even see – the sun and moon, the birds, flowers, trees, bugs, the beauty and marvel of nature and the planet we inhabit. 

Our lives are only rich to the extent that we appreciate these things on a regular basis. That we love ourselves and everyone and everything in our lives all contributes to the fulfillment we experience or don’t on a daily basis.

So here’s hoping that you’ve appreciated all of these posts – even watching me age, all the bad hair days, and bad camera angles. Here’s hoping that at least one of them has touched you in some way and helped or changed you and that you’ve paid it forward.

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