A Holiday Gift

For some, this is not a merry time of the year. Those experiencing holiday stress, loneliness and loss find their way to our Center.
Everyone experiences significant changes in life: a divorce, the death of a friend or loved one, becoming an empty nester, children and grandchildren too many states away. A first Christmas after a divorce your children go to their Dad’s house for Christmas Day. The weight of everything changing all at once feels foreign and lonely. The family get together filled with laughter and excitement is replaced by quiet solitude, a time for reflection and thoughts about what the next birthday or holiday might bring.
It’s funny how we expect everything to stay the same, when in fact life is forever changing around us. Nothing ever stays the same.
So here is a holiday present for you: the gift of a coin. A coin is simply what it is – a coin. You get to choose to look at heads or tails – the good or the bad, the positive or the negative. You get to choose to look at change as uncomfortable and awful, or you can look it at as an amazing opportunity to create whatever you desire, in the way that suits you best. 
The Fall bares the leaves from the trees like vulnerability bares your soul. And it’s amazing what you can see once things are clear. Perhaps this is what your coin holds: permission to be vulnerable, to open up and experience the essence of life in a fresh, new way, to see the things you’ve not yet discovered, and realize the incredible opportunity to create the life that you want.
Here’s to a special holiday season that is uniquely yours with an intention to have the most amazing discoveries in your New Year.                        

Roberta and Linda

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