minding-your-healthMinding Your Health – Take Back Control is a weekly radio show airing on Saturday mornings at 10am on AM950 Radio in Minnesota. You can listen to all of the  weekly archived shows here!

As a hypnotist, ‘minding’ is an obvious choice because hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Health reflects the broad spectrum for a variety of topics, issues and modalities that we’ll be exploring. Take back control is about empowering people in matters of health through education.

I’ll be talking with various experts who have many different perspectives involving traditional and alternative healthcare. I’ll be talking about issues like pain, sleep, stress, fears and other emotions, performance improvement, weight, even parenting. These are all ordinary problems and concerns that impact ordinary people – involving your mental and physical health and the quality of your life. There may be entire shows about hypnosis, or perhaps I’ll simply illustrate how hypnosis can be a complement to whatever we are discussing.