5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, NGH Certified
Professional Career Training by Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructors

The 5-PATH and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® NGH Certification Program is Designed For…

  • Those who want career advancement (part or full-time), and who would like to work with people in a private professional practice of their own.
  • Individuals in the helping professions that would like to add the ability to use hypnosis as one of their therapeutic tools or interventions.
  • Everyone interested in learning Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis for self improvement and programs which can be applied to private or corporate clients.

Basic and Advanced Training

When you train as a 5- PATH® Hypnotist (or Hypnotherapist if you are a licensed therapist) you become part of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) which is the world’s largest and oldest hypnosis organization, and you become certified in 5- PATH® hypnosis. 

This is an elite training program.  5-PATH® is the only advanced system of hypnosis recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists by having their own authorized special interest group within that organization.  

Our curriculum is designed to provide a complete approach to hypnosis which enables you to immediately become a Certified Hypnotist. Upon completion of the Level I and Level II (5- PATH®) training, you will be able to help clients deal with wight, smoking, stress, fears, sleep, self-confidence and esteem issues, sports performance, sales performance and most every day problems presented to Hypnotists. 

In addition to learning the basics, you will learn the unique 5-PATH®. This is a thorough multiphase approach which was designed to uncover and overcome subconscious issues. In this system, you will utilize some of the most powerful tools, including Direct Suggestion, Age Regression, Forgiveness Therapy and Parts Mediation Work, applied together in a systematic, reliable and highly effective process.

Special training and experience will be available using 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, a series of self-hypnosis techniques designed to remove old blockages to success, before attempting to give yourself suggestions. This new approach has received highest praise from both students and clients. Note that 7th Path® is a holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach that far surpasses classical approaches to self-hypnosis. For most students, this is one of the greatest benefits of taking the course!

You Get

  • A practical and accelerated course
  • Approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists and meets qualification for membership (membership is included in the tuition). 
  • No surprises; all required materials included in the tuition. 

Roberta, a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor (CPHI), is trained by Cal Banyan, designer of the program. You will:

  • View videos of Calvin Banyan working and getting powerful results with real clients. 
  • Receive instruction and materials needed to master powerful forgiveness techniques that help your clients succeed. 
  • Learn how to write and customize hypnotic suggestions and hypnotic scripts. 
  • Get free ongoing support after you graduate (e-mail groups, telephone and more). 
  • Receive a free web page on our web site for one full year! 
  • Go through a comprehensive course covering all of the main issues for which clients seek services. 
  • Learn instant and rapid hypnotic inductions, direct and hidden deepening and testing techniques, how to construct suggestions, age regression techniques, Parts Mediation Work, 5- PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.
  • Have plenty of time to practice your hypnosis skills during the course, including inductions, deepening and testing hypnosis. 
  • Learn how to build your business from those who know how. Based on the experience of one of the largest and most successful hypnosis centers in the Midwest, east and west coasts. 
  • Have access to optional books, tapes and videos are available for ongoing professional development. 

Enroll In An Uncompromising Accelerated Course In Professional Hypnosis. Our students receive hands-on, in-depth training, using some of the most powerful techniques available to the hypnotist, taught in a systemized approach called 5- PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, designed by a highly successful hypnosis provider.  

How can we train you so quickly?  Because we teach you everything that you need know, and nothing you don’t.  We don’t make you spend hours learning about the history of hypnosis, or other things you just don’t need to know to become a competent hypnotist.

Everything that You Need is Included in the Tuition Fees

With The FARE Hypnosis Center training programs all of your required materials are included in the cost of the courses. No additional purchases are required. In fact, we are including, at no extra charge, materials that go beyond those required by the NGH . We also offer additional books, tapes and training videos for those who wish to purchase them and continue to learn more at a reduced price while you are in the course. But these materials are not required.

  • INCLUDED Basic Student Manual – Level I, covering fundamentals of hypnosis, use of classical and modern approaches to hypnosis, ethical concerns, waking suggestion, suggestibility testing, hypnosis scripts and more. Plus modern inductions and procedures such as the 5-PATH® hypnotic induction. 
  • INCLUDED Advanced Hypnosis Manual – Level II, covers instant inductions that work every time, covert testing, advanced deepening techniques, hypnotic age regression, forgiveness therapies, parts work, and much more. 
  • INCLUDED NGH Membership For One Year! After you complete the program you become a member of the world’s oldest and largest hypnosis organization, which offers many more benefits than mentioned here. 
  • INCLUDED Certification in 5-PATH® Advanced Hypnosis, as you receive the information that you need to master age regression and other advanced techniques, you learn our exclusive approach that has brought clients and students from across the country and around the world to our training programs. 
  • INCLUDED Special Training on Marketing, so that you will know how to generate lots of business for your new hypnosis practice. You will also find out how to answer the telephone so that the potential client who is calling around and checking out hypnotists will want to book with you. 
  • INCLUDED Beautiful 11 by 14 inch Certificates, showing that you are qualified to use the titles, Master Hypnotist, 7th Path Teacher and 5- PATH® Hypnotist. Each certificate states plainly the accomplishments you have achieved by completing this professional training program. Plus another showing that you are 5- PATH® Certified. 
  • INCLUDED 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis Teacher Certification, enables you to teach this very special Mind-Body-Spirit approach to self-hypnosis. You will learn how to use self-hypnosis for yourself and how to teach it to classes or individual clients. Teaching self-hypnosis to classes is a great way to build your clientele! Includes the Get On the Path 7th Path® manual. 
  • BRING AN EMPTY SUITCASE! You will need the extra space to take everything that you get in this class back home with you. PLUS, to aid you in getting everything that you want for your business, there are discounts available during the course on just about every book and tape that you find on Cal’s website and some items that are only available to our graduates! 
  • INCLUDED Calvin Banyan’s and Gerald Kein’s book, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic To Advanced Techniques For The Professional, an indispensable guide to conducting successful hypnosis sessions, using waking suggestion, direct suggestion and age regression techniques.

Unbeatable Ongoing Support After You Graduate and More Benefits!

When you attend a 5- PATH® NGH Hypnosis Certification, we provide you with all of the resources that you need for ongoing professional development, plus some extras! 

  • FREE web page on our site! Any graduate of one of our hypnotherapy courses gets a free web page! Wow! You can start getting clients in your area right away. Our graduates tell us that this is easily worth the price of the whole course. 
  • NEW – Now you also get two audio programs on how to use 5- PATH® to help clients with smoking and weight loss! This used to cost extra, but we wanted to have everyone go home with these courses on CD that we have included them in the course. 
  • FREE re-attendance of any of our NGH Certification Courses as a refresher for up to one year after completing the course, providing there is room in the class.
  • Join our FREE online e-mail group where our Graduates from all across the USA and around the world can ask questions, share experiences and more. You will also have access through this group to hypnosis scripts and procedures that are updated. 
  • FREE answers to questions over the telephone and email. We regularly answer our graduate’s questions about hypnosis. This kind of support is free to our students because we find that most questions of this kind can be answered in just a few minutes. Knowing that when this kind of support is at hand greatly increases confidence and the speed in which you grow as a hypnotist. Our success comes from your success! 
  • Discounts available on materials while you are attending class (on optional books, videotapes, DVD, cassette tapes, CDs, etc.)
  • Externships are also available with Roberta 

Your Commitment
– Pre-Course Requirements:
– Read The Secret Language of Feelings by Calvin Banyan
– Watch online videos on the Secret Language of Feelings
– Read Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy by Calvin Banyan and Gerald Kein
– Review training manuals
– Course Certification Requirements:
– Complete all hours of class time
– Pass exams
– Demonstrate competency in conducting a hypnosis session
– Post Certification Benefits
   – One year membership in the NGH
   – You can retake the course at no charge within 12 months based on space availability

Course Dates and Career Investment
8am-6:30pm daily
July 17-28  (Saturday & Sunday off)

Your investment is $3,695, ($3,495 if received by June 1st for July class) and includes all classroom materials and diploma. A $500.00 deposit is required to reserve your space, and full tuition is due no later than 10 days before the start date.

Satisfaction with Our Courses Is Guaranteed 

If you are not satisfied with our course for any reason, by the lunch break of the first day, you can simply turn in all of your materials and we will refund your money. 

This guarantee applies to both our NGH Hypnosis Certification Course and our Advanced Hypnosis Course.

Call with any questions at 952-934-1315


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