An online employee wellness program that teaches self-hypnosis for a variety of issues

Providing wellness benefits is a cost-effective way to keep your employees healthy, happy, loyal and productive. Say FARE-Well to excess costs in these five key areas:
Sleep Issues

Additional modules can be customized to fit your needs. All programs are provided in English and Spanish.

Company Benefits

  • Business owns the program – one initial purchase
  • Customized branding for the website library
  • On-boarding ease for new employees No limit as to the number of employees and programs offered
  • Reports on registration and program completion
  • Once per year management fee covers all program maintenance, updating and reporting

      Employee Benefits

  • Take control of health and habits
  • Convenient 
  • Private
  • Life-long benefits
  • Self-managed
  • Library of recordings, videos and worksheets for repeated use

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